In response to supporting families across the globe during the current needs – All our Homeschooling expertise is going into supporting the current world-wide crisis – parents have suddenly found themselves as home educators where they never were before! While balancing their own work lives in new confined conditions.

My biggest concern two weeks on in this is the mental health of many young people who feel they are missing every ‘normal’ milestone.

I’ve joked all week that I’m watching the world catch up with us! For the last 7 years, my speciality has been working with teens who self isolate in their bedrooms – now everyone else is doing the same… 

Now that I’ve worked through our own current students this week and made sure they have enough material, a plan to stay sane and a way to think outside the box while not all developing cabin fever! I’m opening up the idea to others …

The reality is I work in 12 countries across the globe online (I have done since 2012) I’ve never set foot in many of them. Yes, I can tell you everything about your child from working with them online which many have now experienced. I work with students currently from 5 years age to early 20s in this way (adults too).

The object for me is to always create a personalised plan. At the end of the session for the students to understand who they are, how they learn best, how they work best and most productively. What sort of areas they would excel at working in the future. How to create calmness and good mental health – Which currently is critical given the stress of mass media, the anxieties present for everyone and the massive upheaval to everyone’s lives. I and the team have joked we are all set for this – but many of us are natural introverts too!

I’m keen from the outset to clarify that we are not an online ‘grind’ service. There are many of these services out there but not sites offering our support, approach or knowledge. I’m a much bigger fan of independent learning. I will, of course, aim to have students where necessary work with our teaching team online. But we always do this in a personalised way.

I always aim to share as many resources as possible with my students. But also for them to be tailored to who they are! There is a lot out there if you know where to look and many free options.

So the service includes; the usual personality profile of the learner, the study ways, the plan, the resources (variety is crucial), the ways to relax & have balance, the career plan, and my speciality ongoing continued contact so you all have someone to talk to and help you navigate. There is no point just dumping lots of information into your inbox if you don’t have a guide. I pride myself in still being in touch with the very first student I took on this time 11 years ago!

This is a podcast I recorded on the benefits of profiling children

This is a current episode to help teens with self-isolation

Podcast also available on Apple Podcasts…/…/purple-psychology/id981266976

Dr Naoisé O’Reilly

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I’m also fully aware that the only people making money in the country currently are selling hand sanitizer and toilet rolls – so I’m offering much-reduced rates to work with families!

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