The sky is not falling in … there are more resources than ever to study at home right now in fun ways!

I’ll keep updating this page with the ideas and resources as they role in…

LC/JC help – I like this one as its available to all & you don’t have to be able to read the play! 

Shakespeare – Hamlet 11/04/20 RTÉ2, 11.25 am
Shakespeare – The Tempest 12/04/20 RTÉ2, 10.50 am
Shakespeare – King Lear 18/04/20 RTÉ2, 10.35 am
Shakespeare – A Midsummer Nights Dream – 19/04/20 RTÉ2, 10.35 am
Shakespeare – As You Like It – 25/04/20 RTÉ2, 9.45 am

RTE has won plenty of praise recently for its Home Shool Hub aimed at primary school students, but its the older kids who will benefit from the national broadcaster’s latest announcement.

This is a really good list on online revision sites – All high school levels/subjects. Ignore if it says A-level and you are doing the leaving cert! It’s the same level – maybe a little more involved which isn’t a bad thing…

This is your chance to use all the open resources from Khan Academy to YouTube to Podcasts – think outside the box here!

These are a series of images to show effective ways to study!

Use of time
Using images to study
Locking your ideas down in an exam

Even if we end up with a computer-based exam – have blank paper to write out your ideas once you’ve read the questions

Plan for Essays
Use a stick man plot to figure out how to remember all the characters/themes and plot! Someone always dies in Shakespeare!
Use images to learn poetry – use YouTube to read them too you!
Timelines to plot subject detail out
Image-based Geography study
Be inventive how you learn languages!
How to study from good images! work up to more detail…
Make the subject you are trying to learn!
Take the textbook and make it relatable!
Another example of image learning! See real foods .. not lists…


LC/ High school Biology sections and experiments:
Biology bugbears:

General Science: 

PBS Space time:
Sci show:
Trey the explainer:
PBS eons:

More maths-based:

Stand up Maths:
Stand up Physics:

This guy looks at random questions in science, and tries to answer them. Some of his videos revolve around superheroes from the movies too:
Because Science:


Stuff you missed in history class podcast

It’s on iTunes. There’s a huge back catalogue, start with topics you’re interested in.


General history channels:

Kings and generals:
History Civilis:
Weird history:
History Marche:

These 2 look at things in history like weapons and things we assume about the past that are incorrect. 


History School notes LC/High School level


Especially the reading comprehensions.

Pick three news articles, read them, sum them up in your own words. Sounds simple, but it works!

For LC/High School texts

They have character notes, summaries, etc for all the Shakespeare, Great Gatsby, Dolls house, etc. A wealth of content.

Shakespeare in fun ways

Art history from MOMA

My own podcast

How to deal with self-isolation for the whole family – including working from home for the first time.

How teens can cope with self-isolation

The dummies guide to Homeschooling in self-isolation

Homeschooling for Teens